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kegging - pulling someones trousers down in public when they least expect it, popularized by BBC TVs Lilly Allen Show.

Safe Pranks That My Website Visitors Sent In

17/11/2015 - These really safe pranks are good for getting laughs without getting hurt.

Clean Office Jokes

16/11/2015 - Play these fairly clean office jokes on your co-workers and boss to make your boring job more fun.

Christmas Pranks

16/11/2015 - Give the gift of "funny" this year with Christmas pranks to leave your friends in stitches.

Christmas Pranks Again

16/11/2015 - Use these Christmas pranks to deck the halls with boughs of polony and your family will be in tears this Christmas.

Computer Pranks

16/11/2015 - Mess with your mates computer and watch the frustratiion on their face when it won't do what they want.

Neighbour Pranks

16/11/2015 - Trick your neighbours with these funny pranks to play.

Food Pranks

16/11/2015 - Tastebud tomfoolery to turn your victims dinnner into a joke. Use these funny food pranks to cure your hunger for fooling friends.

Kitchen Pranks

16/11/2015 - Trick your mum in the kitchen with these safe and fun pranks while she's cooking your dinner.